2016 Farmington school board candidate profile: Tammy Luty

Local voters will choose among 13 candidates November 8 to fill three, six-year terms and two partial terms on the Farmington Public Schools Board of Education. Farmington Voice sent all candidates a questionnaire; responses are published as they were received.

Tammy LutyTammy Luty, Farmington Hills – candidate for six-year term

My degrees are an Associate of Science in Computer Systems and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. For the past 13 years, I have been an involved parent in Farmington Public Schools and my kids will be attending FPS for 9 more years. During this time I have served on the Wood Creek, Highmeadow, Dunckel, and Harrison PTA/PTSA boards in multiple positions (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Council Representative). I organized parent forums on Bridges Math, school funding, college and career planning and navigating our 7 – 12 grade course scheduling. I served as Farmington PTA Council President, and started a district wide PTA writing challenge and have been a member of the following committees: Pledge for Success, Facilities Study Committee Preschool Team Lead, Together for Accelerated Learners, Green Team Committee, and Farmington Hills 2020 Vision Committee on Education and Jobs. Following that two year term in 2013, Michigan PTA asked me to serve as the state Federal Legislative Chair which included traveling to Washington DC to advocate for students on federal education laws. A family education and privacy act (FERPA) conference I attended, made me realize that this law needed updating. I took on the task and organized and lead the Michigan PTA Advocacy Day in 2015 on Student Data Privacy in Lansing raising awareness across our state on the impacts to students and families not having a current law as a protection. I have a long track record and exposure to education at a local, state and national level that would benefit Farmington Board of Education.

What is the most critical issue facing Farmington Public Schools, and how will you work to resolve it? 

The most critical issue facing Farmington Public Schools is a long term vision plan and scholastic achievement for all our children. As a school district we need to take care of the customer (students/families) and make sure to educate all students to their potential helping struggling students reach grade level, the grade level students accelerate and the accelerated learners reach even higher. Having been continuously involved for 13 years through PTA and committees I have served on, I would bring the information I have gained from parents and our community, as well as my exposure to STEAM, IB, AP and programs that have been cut from our district like Delta and Book Parade to the curriculum committee. A long term vision plan needs to be worked on to bring stability to our school system which also would help benefit achievement for our students and reduce the uncertainty that still remains in our district around school building decisions. The benefit is that when families feel their students are high achieving and they are seen as a valued partner, then they will share their positive image for our schools with others. I can bring a wealth of knowledge and insight, in terms of how the district has evolved and I am looking forward to being a valuable asset to Farmington Public Schools Board of Education.