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Your Voice: Vote for leadership, direction on FPS board

To the editor:

A blast from the past! Blondie in a red dress, has lobbed her school board voting guide over the border as a “service” to our schools. Yet it is her legacy as the promoter, mentor, and practitioner of Board Trustee preemptory resignation to enable the Board to recruit and select their preferred replacement, bestowing upon them the status of incumbency before they have to face the community in an election that has placed our district in the institutionally unintended and precarious position of electing a new board majority, 5 of 7 positions. It is not an example of good governance.

Look at the campaign of the latest beneficiary of the resignation/appointment fix. With the vast experience and tenure of two months on the Board, the less informed and unaware voter is presented with the campaign slogan of “retain” this candidate. Technically true, but at best practically misleading if not deceitful. It is not an example of good governance. Yet the “Trustee” who resigned to make this possible had the audacity to tell you he was providing a service to you.

Our district is compensation poor (staff compensation claims 88% of our revenue before the first day of class), significantly underperforming in effective classroom instruction, and lacking in a well-defined comprehensive curriculum designed for the achievement of state and national excellence across the spectrum of diversity of our students. Vote for Trustees who will provide leadership and direction to the superintendent, administration, and staff to drive change in the above areas of need and hold them accountable for the timeliness and effectiveness of those changes. Glad handing, mutually admiring cheerleaders may generate good feelings and boost self-esteem, but reality is all too transparent for those willing to see and those whose eyes, ears, and minds are open are not fooled.

Dave York
Farmington Hills

Your Voice: Firefighters support Dwyer

To the editor:

Throughout the world, firefighters are known for being men and women of action, taking a common sense approach to solving problems, and being able to do more with less.

For these reasons, the Farmington Hills Firefighters Association is pleased to support Oakland County Commissioner Bill Dwyer for reelection in District 14 (Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms, Farmington, Farmington Hills and Franklin).

In the 23 years he served and protected the City of Farmington Hills as police chief, our firefighters saw firsthand what an outstanding leader Bill Dwyer is. He efficiently managed a staff of over 180 employees, instituted and maintained over 50 community policing programs, and quickly established Farmington Hills as one of the safest cities in Michigan. What made these accomplishments even more impressive is the fact he never exceeded his budget and oftentimes had funds left over that other departments could then utilize to better serve our residents.

In addition to his professional qualifications, Bill Dwyer is also a tremendous citizen of our community. He has lived here for 31 years, has chaired or is a member of numerous civic organizations, is a true consensus-builder, and has always been one of the most approachable people our firefighters and families have ever encountered. Whether someone’s issue is small or large, Bill Dwyer always takes the time to listen, promises to research the issue, and then does what many politicians do not …contacts you with an answer or recommendation. In today’s world, that is truly a rare and admirable quality.

But come to think of it, Commissioner Dwyer is not the stereotypical politician. He is a true gentleman who cares deeply about the issues facing all of us, someone who brings his 35 years of executive experience to bear on the complex issues facing our county government, and someone whose unparalleled professional relationships make him a phenomenal ambassador for our community.

In closing, Commissioner Dwyer’s three continual priorities are keeping Oakland County residents safe, managing the county’s budget in the most fiscally responsible manner possible, and stimulating our local economy by creating jobs. Considered by many to be one of the hardest working commissioners, he’s the chairperson of the Public Services Committee, previously served as the chairperson of the Ethics Committee and also served on two other committees (Finance and Human Resources).

We sincerely hope one of your priorities on November 8 will be reelecting Bill Dwyer to the Oakland County Commission!

John Kastran, President
Farmington Hills Firefighters Association

Your Voice: Dwyer supports community

To the editor:

Bill Dwyer is completing his third term as a County Commissioner, continuing his service to Farmington and Farmington Hills, now for over 50 years.

Bill is a great supporter of our community. He is visible and accessible at our many community events. He is open and sharing about the commission’s agenda items and he works on any issue to best represent our community. He is a great champion of public safety, as a retired Chief in Farmington Hills. He continues to run the Police Benevolent Fund supporting many of our local public safety departments and officers. We are fortunate to have Bill’s energy and experience representing us.

Join me in re-electing Bill Dwyer to our County Commission.

Tom Buck
Former Mayor
City of Farmington

Your Voice: Elect Fritz to FPS board

To the editor:

The last few years have been particularly demanding for our schools. We need Fritz Beiermeister on the Board to help navigate the challenges.

Fritz knows the numbers. He has been reviewing the school system’s financial numbers for years as a member of the Bond Spending Oversight Team and its predecessor committees. He puts kids first. Fritz is a leader focused on how we can foster great educational quality in our local schools. He is a long-term thinker and will bring a long-term vision to the Board.

We are fortunate Fritz is willing to represent us. His energy and experience are just what we need. Join me in electing Fritz to our Farmington Public Schools Board of Education.

Tom Buck
Former Mayor, City of Farmington

Your Voice: Former school board member favors Stark, Turner, Weems

To the editor:

As a former member of the Farmington school board for nearly 14 years, I understand and support the community’s desire and commitment to provide the absolute best education for its children. In order to face challenges and opportunities now and in the future, the community must elect the best candidates to the Board of Education. That is your responsibility.

First and foremost, solid, trusted Board and Superintendent relationships are the highest predictor of excellent student achievement in a District. I personally know Jim Stark, David Turner and Terri Weems, all current members of the Board. Weems, Turner and Stark are the perfect complement to your outstanding Superintendent George Heitsch.

Jim, David and Terri bring the integrity, leadership, stability and intellect to provide excellent educational opportunities for all children. I would have been honored to serve with them during my tenure. Please vote for board, superintendent and student excellence: Retain Stark, Turner and Weems for Farmington Public Schools Board of Education.

Cathleen M. Webb

Your Voice: Support Dwyer’s re-election bid

To the editor:

We have known Bill Dwyer for many years. He is an honest and hardworking person who listens well to others. He gathers information on all sides of an issue before making thoughtful and reasoned decisions.

Please support Bill”s reelection to the Oakland County Commission so that he can continue to represent all of us.

Pam O’Malley and Bruce Brown
Farmington Hills

Your Voice: Support for incumbent county leaders

To the editor:

At this point in time, why on earth would Oakland County voters even consider untested, inexperienced individuals to lead our county?

When Moody’s considers Oakland County as the “best managed county in the U.S.”, doesn’t it make sense to keep Brooks Patterson as our County Executive? With a balanced budget going forward three years, this shows outstanding leadership. And when our Sheriff Mike Bouchard is awarded the “Sheriff of the Year Award” for the entire country, do we want someone with no law enforcement experience at a time when law enforcement is facing many challenges keeping our citizens and neighborhoods safe? I don’t think so.

And when we have a proven leader in Bill Dwyer representing our citizens as County Commissioner, do we want someone with little or no experience? Bill Dwyer has the management as well as law enforcement skills to continue to serve at the county level for the benefit of our community.

We have excellent leadership in Oakland County and now is not the time to change a winning team. We need to keep Bill Dwyer, Mike Bouchard, and Brooks Patterson moving Oakland County forward.

Bill Smith
Farmington Hills

Your Voice: Former FPS board member supports Dwyer

To the editor:

As a former school official and member of the Farmington Hills Crime Prevention Council for many years, I have first-hand experience with the quality of character and exceptional leadership of Bill Dwyer, former Chief of Police.

In the wake of senseless school tragedies several years ago, Bill Dwyer went to work immediately to be sure Oakland County was doing everything possible to avoid a tragedy. Under Dwyer’s leadership, a bipartisan plan of action is in place, bringing together Republicans and Democrats, law enforcement, school leaders and mental health professionals to work on solutions. Gun violence has been tackled by creating public service announcements, and handing out thousands of free, gun safety locks. As a result, Oakland County won a national award for this initiative

A vote to re-elect Bill Dwyer as the 14th District County Commissioner is a vote for keeping citizens safe in Oakland County.

Cathy Webb

Your Voice: Dwyer provides Benevolent Association leadership

To the editor:

Over 23 years ago, Bill Dwyer, Judge Fred Harris and I organized the Farmington Hills Police Benevolent Association to meet the medical and educational needs of the widows and surviving children of police officers and fire fighters.

Bill Dwyer was instrumental in the creation of this organization. In the last 23 years, we have raised over $1.5 million to provide assistance to Farmington Hills, Farmington, Franklin and other southeastern Michigan departments. We are proud of the effort and what it has been able to do for families.

Bill Dwyer has provided leadership, organization and compassion in this and so many other efforts to help others. Please join me in supporting his re-election to the Oakland County Commission. He’s the representative we want.

John Ginopolis
Farmington Hills 

Your Voice: Neighborhood House thanks Dwyer

To the editor:

Farmington/Farmington Hills Neighborhood House would like to thank our commissioner, William Dwyer, for his continued support of our goals and mission. Commissioner Dwyer has, for a number of years, been an advocate for Neighborhood House and has demonstrated his consistent understanding and compassion for the needy, here, in Farmington and Farmington Hills.

We, at Neighborhood House, are fortunate and grateful to have Commissioner William Dwyer as a Neighborhood House supporter.

Loretta Zahn
Farmington Hills