UPDATED: Farmington Voice shuts down

UPDATE: On July 29, Farmington Voice relaunched with a new design and focus. Learn more and how you can support our return at farmingtonvoice.com or patreon.com/farmingtonvoice.


After two years and almost seven months, the Farmington Voice website is closing shop. I’ll keep sharing items of local interest on Facebook and Twitter but will no longer do any original reporting.

Thank you for your encouragement and support and news tips, and for your respectful, thoughtful social media comments. Thank you for caring about local news and about our community. I hope you continue to do so, wherever and however you can.

One opportunity will happen later this year, with our second Farmington Voices fundraiser to benefit Operation Common Good, a charity that provides direct help to Farmington Public Schools students and families in need. Details will be shared on social media and via email. I’d love to send you more information as it becomes available – sign up here: eepurl.com/cFT9C1.

Thanks to everyone who took our exit survey; it is now closed.

Finally, please join me in supporting these local news sources:

This journey has been a struggle at times, but always a true privilege. Thank you again, Farmington and Farmington Hills, from the bottom of my heart.

Joni Hubred