Farmington High takes audiences to Broadway

Farmington High can’t produce a spring musical this year, so drama teachers picked a fall show that would appeal to actors, singers, and dancers.

More than 30 students will perform in “100 Years of Broadway,” with two shows December 2 and 3, 7:30 p.m. both nights. And they’ll be the last actors on stage in the existing auditorium, which will be reconstructed as part of a Farmington Public Schools bond program.

“We tried to do a play and a musical combined, because the theater is closing for remodeling,” said teacher Lauren Keur, who co-directs the show with Carrie Ray. “Hopefully, next fall, we will have a new, high-tech, beautiful theater.”

A scene introduces each musical decade, and each of those interludes was written by the student actors. The speaking roles give students who would not typically perform in the musical an opportunity to shine.

“The way we made it cool is that a good half of the cast have solos or speaking parts or are part of a quartet,” Keur said. “Almost everyone has a moment in the spotlight. With a musical, we wouldn’t get that opportunity.”

Assisting Keur and Ray are Lucy Koviak, choreographer, and musical director Kathy Seremet.

Show tickets will be available at the door. Learn more about the Farmington High theatre program on Facebook.