How we voted: In Farmington, Hills, nothing much changed

Are you devastated by Tuesday’s presidential election results? Elated? Bewildered?

Here’s something to consider: As the country prepares to usher in a new president who represents a dramatic departure from “business as usual,” in Farmington and Farmington Hills, nothing much changed.

Republican David Trott and Democrat Brenda Lawrence will continue to represent us in Congress, serving Farmington and Farmington Hills, respectively.

Our Democratic State Representative Christine Greig will serve another term, as will our three incumbent Oakland County commissioners: Bill Dwyer, a Republican, in the 14th District, and Democrats Marcia Gershenson in the 13th and Janet Jackson in the 21st. In fact, all of Oakland County’s incumbent leadership remains in place – from County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, a Republican, to Water Resources Commissioner Jim Nash, a Democrat.

Three people who had already been appointed to serve on the Farmington Public Schools board – Terri Weems, Jim Stark, and David Turner – won seats. Newcomers Angie Smith and Mark Przeslawski are long-time school volunteers.

All of these electeds, old and new, lead a compassionate and caring community, where people are at this moment working on the dream of a resource center to help our less fortunate residents. In this place, neighbors aren’t afraid to have difficult conversations about race and religion, no child or senior goes without a Christmas, and children learn how to be creatively compassionate.

Whether you are heartened or devastated today, remember all the good in Farmington and Farmington Hills. And if you forget, come here. We’ll keep looking for ways to remind you, every day.

Here’s how Farmington and Farmington Hills voted in the major races (winners in bold):


Donald J. Trump & Michael Pence (Republican)

  • Farmington: 2,073
  • Farmington Hills: 15,745

Hillary Clinton & Tim Kaine (Democrat)

  • Farmington: 3,225
  • Farmington Hills: 26,842

Gary Johnson & Bill Weld (Libertarian)

  • Farmington: 260
  • Farmington Hills: 1,355

Darrell L. Castle & Scott N. Bradley (U.S. Taxpayers)

  • Farmington: 11
  • Farmington Hills: 101

Jill Stein & Ajamu Baraka (Green)

  • Farmington:46
  • Farmington Hills: 391

Emidio Mimi Soltysik & Angela Nicole Walker (Natural Law)

  • Farmington: 1
  • Farmington Hills: 9
Representative in Congress 11th District (Farmington)

David A. Trott (Incumbent-R)

  • 2,322

Anil Kumar (D)

  • 2,842

Jonathan Ray Osment (L)

  • 148

Kerry Bentivolio (No party affiliation)

  • 200
Representative in Congress 14th District (Farmington Hills)

Howard Klausner (R)

  • Farmington Hills: 15,807

Brenda Lawrence (I-D)

  • Farmington Hills: 25,544

Gregory Creswell (L)

  • Farmington Hills: 1,054

Marcia Squier (G)

  • Farmington Hills: 628
State Representative 37th District (Farmington and Farmington Hills)

Christine Greig (I-D)

  • Farmington: 3,208
  • Farmington Hills: 25,972

Mitch Swoboda (R)

  • Farmington: 1,969
  • Farmington Hills: 15,240

James K. Young (L)

  • Farmington: 213
  • Farmington Hills: 1,529
County Executive

L. Brooks Patterson (I-R)

  • Farmington: 2,443
  • Farmington Hills: 18,258

Vicki Barnett (D)

  • Farmington: 2,912
  • Farmington Hills: 24,498
Prosecuting Attorney

Mike Goetz (R)

  • Farmington: 2,107
  • Farmington Hills: 15,653

Jessica Cooper (D)

  • Farmington: 2,905
  • Farmington Hills: 24,826

Steve Afton (L)

  • Farmington: 235
  • Farmington Hills: 1,672

Michael J. Bouchard (I-R)

  • Farmington: 2,982
  • Farmington Hills: 21,572

Craig S. Covey (D)

  • Farmington: 2,367
  • Farmington Hills: 20,756
Clerk/Register of Deeds

Bill Bullard, Jr. (R)

  • Farmington: 2,124
  • Farmington Hills: 15,845

Lisa Brown (I-D)

  • Farmington: 3,009
  • Farmington Hills: 25,384

John P. McCulloch (R)

  • Farmington: 2,165
  • Farmington Hills: 16,018

Andy Meisner (I-D)

  • Farmington: 2,997
  • Farmington Hills: 25,415
Water Resources Commissioner

Robert E. Buxbaum (R)

  • Farmington: 2,045
  • Farmington Hills: 15,312

Jim Nash (I-D)

  • Farmington: 3,028
  • Farmington Hills: 25,739
Oakland County Commissioner 14th District

Bill Dwyer (I-R)

  • Farmington: 2,771
  • Farmington Hills: 8,981

William Miller III (D)

  • Farmington: 2,440
  • Farmington Hills: 9,010
Oakland County Commissioner 13th District (Farmington Hills)

Michelle Dinardo (R)

  • 5,754

Marcia Gershenson (I-D)

  • 9,244
Oakland County Commissioner 21st District (Farmington Hills)

Janet Jackson (I-D)

  • 4,934

Richard A. Van Camp (R)

  • 2,948
Regional Transit Proposal


  • Farmington: 3,002
  • Farmington Hills: 21,643


  • Farmington: 2,105
  • Farmington Hills: 17,439