Election Day 2016: Here’s what you need to know

On November 8, Farmington area voters will cast their ballots for leaders at the federal, state, county, and local level, and will help decide the fate of a Regional Transit Authority funding proposal. Here’s what you should know:

Where do I vote?

Your precinct number and location are on your voter registration card. You can also find your polling place by entering your name and address, or driver’s license number, at vote.michigan.gov/MVIC/, or by calling the city clerk’s office in Farmington, 248-474-5500, ext. 2218, or Farmington Hills, 248-871-2410.

Farmington Hills residents can access a new, interactive precinct map: tinyurl.com/FHPrecinctApp, and Farmington poll workers will use a new tablet device to check whether voters in line are at the correct polling place.

When are the polls open?

Hours are 7 a.m.-8 p.m.

Where can I find information about what’s on the ballot?

Sample ballots are available on the City of Farmington website, farmgov.com, and City of Farmington Hills website, fhgov.com, and we have corralled local election information, along with our own Farmington Public Schools Board of Education candidate profiles, here: farmingtonvoice.com/your-farmington-area-2016-voter-guide-000200

Can I still turn in my absentee ballot?

You can, until 8 p.m., but only at your City Hall.

What if I’m not registered?

Then you’re out of luck – the registration deadline has passed for this election.

Do I need a photo ID to vote?

You will be asked for a photo ID. If you’ve forgotten yours or don’t have one, you can still cast a ballot, by signing an affidavit. Learn more about voter identification at michigan.gov/sos.

Long lines?

Count on it. Farmington area voters typically come out strong in presidential years, and this election could bring even more people to the polls.

Can I bring campaign literature into the polling place?

No. Study those materials before you walk in, then keep them out of sight.

What about my cell phone?

You can bring it, but you’re not allowed to use it inside the polling place.

And selfies?

Also not allowed. If you take a selfie with your marked ballot, your ballot will not be counted. If you take an “I Voted” selfie outside your polling place, tag it with #f2hvotes, and we’ll share!

Where will I find local election results?

We’ll publish unofficial results as soon as possible on election night. You’ll also find numbers on Oakland County’s website: oakgov.com/clerkrod/elections/Pages/default.aspx.