Your Voice: Vote for leadership, direction on FPS board

To the editor:

A blast from the past! Blondie in a red dress, has lobbed her school board voting guide over the border as a “service” to our schools. Yet it is her legacy as the promoter, mentor, and practitioner of Board Trustee preemptory resignation to enable the Board to recruit and select their preferred replacement, bestowing upon them the status of incumbency before they have to face the community in an election that has placed our district in the institutionally unintended and precarious position of electing a new board majority, 5 of 7 positions. It is not an example of good governance.

Look at the campaign of the latest beneficiary of the resignation/appointment fix. With the vast experience and tenure of two months on the Board, the less informed and unaware voter is presented with the campaign slogan of “retain” this candidate. Technically true, but at best practically misleading if not deceitful. It is not an example of good governance. Yet the “Trustee” who resigned to make this possible had the audacity to tell you he was providing a service to you.

Our district is compensation poor (staff compensation claims 88% of our revenue before the first day of class), significantly underperforming in effective classroom instruction, and lacking in a well-defined comprehensive curriculum designed for the achievement of state and national excellence across the spectrum of diversity of our students. Vote for Trustees who will provide leadership and direction to the superintendent, administration, and staff to drive change in the above areas of need and hold them accountable for the timeliness and effectiveness of those changes. Glad handing, mutually admiring cheerleaders may generate good feelings and boost self-esteem, but reality is all too transparent for those willing to see and those whose eyes, ears, and minds are open are not fooled.

Dave York
Farmington Hills