2016 Farmington school board candidate profile: David Turner

Local voters will choose among 13 candidates November 8 to fill three, six-year terms and two partial terms on the Farmington Public Schools Board of Education. Farmington Voice sent all candidates a questionnaire; responses are published as they were received.

David TurnerDavid N. Turner, Farmington Hills – candidate for the partial term

I have been a resident of Farmington Hills for the past 7 years and I have three great children within the district; 2 attend Forest Elementary and 1 attends Warner Middle School. I have been a senior level HR professional for the past 23 years, the last 13 years have been in public education. I have served as the Associate Superintendent for Southfield Public Schools, Chief Human Resources Officer for Detroit Public Schools, Executive Director for HR and Labor Relations at Oak Park Public Schools, and most recently the VP of University Human Resources at Eastern Michigan University. I have had the responsibility for all aspects of district operations, with the exception of curriculum design. I am running to continue the work that has truly taken off in the last year since my appointment to the board in September 2015. We have begun to address many of the financial concerns and building and site concerns so naturally the focus can shift to academic programming and academic achievement. We will also be able to better articulate our district strategic plan in the coming years.

What is the most critical issue facing Farmington Public Schools, and how will you work to resolve it?

First, is establishing FPS as the tier one educational option for residents of Farmington, Farmington Hills and West Bloomfield. There are 700 students within our district that do not attend our schools, we need to understand why and address the reasons. Secondly, continuing the great work that went into stabilizing the district’s revenue and expense profile. We will remain progressive, our children deserve no less. We must remember our fiduciary responsibilities and be as pragmatic and deliberate as needed as we begin to restore the services and education platforms our parents have come to expect and desire. Lastly, is two-fold, both transparency and accountability. My goal, if elected, is to continue to remain accessible, responsible and dedicated to ensuring the community has an opportunity to be heard and to hear and understand the information we consider when making decisions that impact us all.