Learn to engage anyone in 15 seconds at Farmington Rotary event

International speaker and Rotarian Michael Angelo Caruso will present “How to Engage Anyone in 15 Seconds,” a November 1 program hosted by the Farmington Rotary on behalf of the Greater Farmington Area Chamber of Commerce.

The 8:30 a.m. public presentation will include:

  • Execute “The Perfect Handshake”
  • Diffuse an angry customer
  • Smile every time you walk into a room
  • Craft an impressive elevator speech
  • Keep your body language from working against you
  • Master the lost art of compliment
  • Meet 60 people in 60 minutes at your next networking event
  • Sell without seeming like your selling
  • Create value in the first ten words you say to someone
  • Present value to customers and prospects
  • Improve your reputation, build your brand, and generate referrals
  • Make work fun again
  • Read people better and faster
  • Tell if someone is fibbing

Caruso is the founder and President of Edison House, an international consulting firm specializing in corporate, and personal improvement. Edison House clients include Bank of America, Citgo, Rayovac, Hallmark, The National Institutes of Health, Verizon Wireless, the United States Navy, and Nissan. He also blogs for DBusiness magazine, recently voted the best business magazine in America.

Tickets are $20 with discounts of 20 percent for two or three tickets, and 40 percent for four or more tickets. A light breakfast will be served before the event begins.

Register at portal.clubrunner.ca/1402/SitePage/engage-anyone-in-15-seconds or call 248-919-6917.

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