Your Voice: Former school board member favors Stark, Turner, Weems

To the editor:

As a former member of the Farmington school board for nearly 14 years, I understand and support the community’s desire and commitment to provide the absolute best education for its children. In order to face challenges and opportunities now and in the future, the community must elect the best candidates to the Board of Education. That is your responsibility.

First and foremost, solid, trusted Board and Superintendent relationships are the highest predictor of excellent student achievement in a District. I personally know Jim Stark, David Turner and Terri Weems, all current members of the Board. Weems, Turner and Stark are the perfect complement to your outstanding Superintendent George Heitsch.

Jim, David and Terri bring the integrity, leadership, stability and intellect to provide excellent educational opportunities for all children. I would have been honored to serve with them during my tenure. Please vote for board, superintendent and student excellence: Retain Stark, Turner and Weems for Farmington Public Schools Board of Education.

Cathleen M. Webb