2016 Farmington school board candidate profile: Ed Richardson

Local voters will choose among 13 candidates November 8 to fill three, six-year terms and two partial terms on the Farmington Public Schools Board of Education. Farmington Voice sent all candidates a questionnaire; responses are published as they were received.

Ed RichardsonEd Richardson, Farmington Hills – candidate for six-year term

Automotive Engineer (30 plus years) – Bachelors of Science and Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, Masters in Business Administration – a solid record of optimizing resources (reducing costs and improving performance).

What is the most critical issue facing Farmington Public Schools, and how will you work to resolve it?

Students first: Too much politicking in public education. The primary focus of public education is student education!

Safety: Safe public education has various pressures and threats now. We need to demand more appropriations from Lansing to cover these added burdens. If we expect teachers-staff to be policing and social working – then they should be appropriately trained and compensated. If we need more police, hire more police or seriously train and compensate the teachers to be police officers – that sounds ridiculous agreed? We need to stop expecting teachers to become every community “fill in the blank” staff need. Let’s try the novel approach here: let’s have the teachers do what they were trained to do: teach.

Budget: I have a long work history of maximizing performance while minimizing expenses. I will work hard to insure that every dollar is optimized for student education.