Your Voice: Support for incumbent county leaders

To the editor:

At this point in time, why on earth would Oakland County voters even consider untested, inexperienced individuals to lead our county?

When Moody’s considers Oakland County as the “best managed county in the U.S.”, doesn’t it make sense to keep Brooks Patterson as our County Executive? With a balanced budget going forward three years, this shows outstanding leadership. And when our Sheriff Mike Bouchard is awarded the “Sheriff of the Year Award” for the entire country, do we want someone with no law enforcement experience at a time when law enforcement is facing many challenges keeping our citizens and neighborhoods safe? I don’t think so.

And when we have a proven leader in Bill Dwyer representing our citizens as County Commissioner, do we want someone with little or no experience? Bill Dwyer has the management as well as law enforcement skills to continue to serve at the county level for the benefit of our community.

We have excellent leadership in Oakland County and now is not the time to change a winning team. We need to keep Bill Dwyer, Mike Bouchard, and Brooks Patterson moving Oakland County forward.

Bill Smith
Farmington Hills