Great Lakes Ace gets Farmington approvals

Work is underway to bring a Great Lakes Ace Hardware to The Groves retail center in downtown Farmington.

The center, which is located in the southeast corner of Grand River and Grove Street, underwent renovations and a name change three years ago. At that time, only the west side of the center was improved. On Monday, the city’s Planning Commission approved plans to complete building improvements, with a similar treatment on the east side.

The Great Lakes Ace façade will have a look similar to the Dress Barn, which has a corner “tower”, city Economic and Community Development Director Kevin Christiansen said. In addition, the roofline above the storefront will have new finish materials that break up the mass of the building. The canopy and support piers will be redone, and strip of glazing that will have the appearance of windows.

“The big reason we didn’t include it on the west side was because we didn’t know what was going to happen on the west side,” said Charlie Kughn, representing The Groves. “Our intent all along was to really identify the tenants and create a place for them.”

Earned Not Given Crossfit has already opened on the east side of the building, most of which has been vacant for several years.

Great Lakes Ace also received approval for an fenced and gated outdoor storage area, which will hold items like topsoil, rock salt, and other heavy items. The eight-foot-high fence will be screened with plastic slats interwoven with the chain link.