Your Voice: Academic questions unanswered

To the editor:

Attached is a compilation of the 2016 Spring M-Step and SAT results released by the state to the public. As these results represent a continuation of the status quo, the legacy of the Zurvalec administration and board, I have included a set of questions raised by the results for each level, elementary, middle School, and high school that should have been asked and answered by now.

Spring M-Step SAT Results

These questions should look familiar. They are largely the same questions I asked in response to the proposed budget for the 2016 – 2017 school year.

The added critical question, left as a painful hangover from the first M-Step results, is what has been done to remedy the identified deficiency at the elementary level in the district capacity to effectively teach science?

Now I ask, why doesn’t the Farmington Public School community know the answers to all of these questions as we are about to start the school year?

David L. York
Farmington Hills