Hills church hosts conference with international speakers

Bob McEwen
Former Congressman Bob McEwen

Oakland Hills Community Church will host America’s Christian Heritage Conference on September 30 and October 1.

Nationally and internationally recognized presenters will include Congressman Bob McEwen, former member of the U.S. House of Representatives; Dr. Peter Lillback, president of Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia and author of George Washington’s Sacred Fire and The Wall of Misconception; and Dr. Harry Reeder, III, pastor of Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama, author of Embers to a Flame, and a noted Civil War historian.

“This conference is open to everyone,” Rev. Ralph Rebandt, II, church pastor and chaplain for the Farmington Hills Police Department and for the Southeastern Michigan Chiefs of Police, said in a press release. “As Americans, we stand at the crossroads in our country’s history. We believe that attendees will find the topics and materials presented to be enlightening, intellectually stimulating, educational and historically accurate.”

Registration and conference details are available at ohcc.net and by email to oaklandhillscc@gmail.com.