Farmers Market gets permission for beer at Polish cultural fest

Farmington Farmers and Artisans Market Walt Gajewski
Market master Walt Gajewski welcomed visitors on opening day.

It’s probably just a coincidence that the Farmington Farmers and Artisan Market’s first cultural heritage day, honoring Polish culture, falls on market manager Walt Gajewski’s birthday, October 8.

Gajewski told city council members Monday that he hopes to create an annual cultural celebration and “just kind of rotate around the planet”, to reflect the community’s diversity. While the original event plan did not call for alcohol, he said he received many inquiries about adding it. Officials unanimously approved his request for a special liquor license.

Farmington Brewing Company will craft a Polish wheat beer, and may also contribute hard cider. The downtown Farmington brewery will be the only alcohol supplier for the event, Gajewski said.

Beer sales will start at 11 a.m. and end shortly before the market closes. Gajewski expects about 400 people will be served.

Recognizing October as National Polish Heritage Month, the market will also offer Polish food and unique crafts and gift items, and will showcase Polish dancers and music. Gajewski said this celebration will also serve as a marketing tool.

“These types of events at the market are to spur organic growth,” he told council members. “If we do something right…people are putting it on Facebook immediately, and they are telling their friends and family to come to the market right now.”

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