Your Voice: School board resignations too common

To the editor:

This November, in a single election, new board members will be a voting majority on the Farmington Board of Education. This is not the design of a well-functioning democracy. It is a situation that institutionally should not occur due to the disruptive impact it can have on the organization to the detriment of those served, the students. This level of change is properly pursued through the recall process, an exceptional event when a perceived problem justifies the disruptive consequences of a drastic change.

As voters, this situation calls for additional vigilance and awareness to serve and protect our community. Investigate and know both your current board members and candidates well. Be wary of narrow or special interests focused on gaining a majority representation on the board at the expense of a broad perspective and interest. And then vote!

As conservators of public education, this is a call to action after the election. In the last 15 years, Farmington has experienced an abnormally high rate of resignations from the board. This election alone involves three resignations. This must change. Regardless of whether it is due to selection, training, commitment, attempted manipulation of the elective process, or lengthened terms of office, board resignations must return to being the exception. Contrary to proffered claims, neither community nor student interests are served by board resignations.

David L. York
Farmington Hills