Farmington lifts open burning ban, Hills expected to follow

With the risk of fire reduced to a low-to-moderate level across southeast Michigan, the City of Farmington has officially lifted its ban on open burning.

The ban in Farmington and Farmington Hills included fireworks and extended over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, after the Michigan Department of Natural Resources ranked the danger of fire as “very high”. Despite the ban, Farmington Hills Police Department reported responding to more than 100 fireworks complaints starting July 1, triple the number in 2015. Farmington Public Safety issued about a half-dozen warnings about fireworks over the holiday weekend. Neither city issued citations.

City manager Dave Boyer said the City of Farmington Hills will also lift its ban this week.

State law prohibits use of consumer fireworks, except on the day of, and the days before and after, a national holiday. For information about city codes pertaining to open burning and fireworks in Farmington Hills, visit, and in Farmington,