AT&T ups business Internet speeds in Farmington, Hills

AT&T business customers in Farmington and Farmington Hills have faster Internet speeds over AT&T Business Fiber, which offers download and upload speeds up to one gigabit per second (Gbps) in AT&T Fiber Ready buildings.

With Internet speeds up to 1 Gbps a business can:

  • Download 8,000 word processing documents in one second
  • Download a 2 hour high definition video in 36 seconds
  • Backup/restore a one terabyte hard drive in 2.5 hours

“Our business customers have told us they need fast and reliable network solutions to stay connected and competitive,” said Jim Murray, president of AT&T Michigan. “The new speeds available with AT&T Business Fiber provide just that. And customers can complement their high-speed Internet with our network security options to help protect their business-critical information.”

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