Your Voice: Former mayor calls for community dialogue

To the editor:

I grieve today for the valiant police officers killed in Dallas, I grieve for the black lives, children’s lives and all lives killed in our divisive country, where no solutions are proposed to end this violence.

We, as a community, a state, a country need to come together to understand and empathize with each other, we need to show our strength and commitment and solidarity to proactively find peaceful solutions to this divisiveness and hate. No matter how one feels about a person of another race, we must remember we are all God’s children, and with that, have a right to a safe and peaceful life. It’s about respect.

Our police officers in Farmington and Farmington Hills need our support, they risk their lives for us and create a safe, peaceful environment in which to live. I call on our Mayors, City Councils, Public Safety and Police departments, Multi Cultural-Multi Racial Committee and residents to come together for a community meeting to discuss our feelings on these issues and start a dialogue on how we as a community can show our support for one another, and discuss prevention and possible solutions for these heartbreaking events.

Joanne McShane
Former Mayor and Councilmember, City of Farmington