Farmington Hills Fire honors girls who rescued a friend

Two Power Upper Elementary students received a rare honor Wednesday, for helping a friend in need.

Farmington Hills Fire Chief Jon Unruh said many adults would not have stepped up the way Danielle McKay, 10, and Annisha Carter, 11, did when their friend Grace Thomas, 13, suffered a seizure. The three girls were participating last month in the City of Farmington Hills After School program, at the Costick Center.

Civilian Citations
Pictured from left, Monika Uriel, Anaja Carter, Aletha McKay, Steven McKay, Danielle McKay, Grace Thomas, Annisha Carter, and Fire Chief Jon Unruh.

Site Supervisor Sherry Orrell said the girls alerted adults that Grace, who attends East Middle School, wasn’t feeling well, then stayed with her and pulled out their phones to distract and comfort her. Orrell said emergency personnel arrived in minutes and transported Grace to the hospital. She recovered quickly and returned to the Costick Center the next day.

“It went just like it was supposed to,” Orrell said.

Unruh said fewer than 20 people receive the department’s Civilian Citation each year, and “very few go to children. It was remarkable what they did.”

The girls had a gleeful reunion with Grace before receiving their awards, an occasion, both said, that made them a little nervous. In fact, Annisha admitted she was “very nervous”. Danielle said the three girls became friends through the After School program.

“We have a lot in common,” she said.

While Aletha McKay never prepared her daughter to deal with this kind of emergency, she said Danielle has “a very caring personality.”

“It’s not surprising she would do something like this,” she said.