Some Hills crime rates set record lows

Crime rates in the City of Farmington Hills continued a significant decline in 2015, with the total number of “Part A” or serious crimes dropping to the lowest level recorded in more than 35 years – and some specific crimes at even lower levels.

Police Chief Charles Nebus told city council members Monday that the 138 residential and commercial burglaries committed last year was the lowest total in the city’s 42-year history. Auto thefts set another record low, and just 13 armed robberies tied an all-time record low.

The city’s 24 sexual assaults, nearly all of which were committed by people who were related or known to one another, dropped by 20 percent over 2014.

According to Nebus’ report, the nearly 40 percent drop in serious crime since 2005 translates to 1,698 fewer crimes. He attributes the record-setting low crime rates to a solid police and community partnership.

“Police officers are committed and trained to deliver superior services with a guardian-like mindset,” he said. “Officers focus on de-escalation and jail diversion whenever possible, especially for persons suffering from mental health issues.”

Nebus added that modern policing is about “street level, one-on-one positive interactions. The total calls for service last year provided officers with 27,375 opportunities to promote the positive image of the Farmington Hills Police Department.”

The department’s community outreach last year included raising money for several charities, sponsoring athletic events, food and blood drives, and awarding three $1,000 college scholarships at local high schools.