FPS high schoolers empower younger students

Farmington Empowered
A Farmington Empowered member reads a student’s experience with bullying. (Contributed photo)

Students from Farmington, Harrison, and North Farmington High Schools recently brought the anti-bullying message of Farmington Empowered to students at Forest and Gill Elementary Schools.

Farmington Empowered aims to create a respectful, happy, and safe environment across the District through knowledge and self-empowerment tools. It began as a coalition among Farmington Public Schools, the Farmington Area PTA Council, No Bullying Live Empowered (NoBLE), and other area agencies.

The older students used several methods to share their message, even teaching their new listeners a version of the familiar “If You’re Happy and You Know It” song with anti-bullying lyrics.

Farmington Empowered plans to expand this partnership to include other schools.