Farmington Hills taps into water bill aid program

With water rates expected to increase this year, the City of Farmington Hills has tapped into a program that helps residents with their bills.

WRAPKaren Mondora, assistant to the city’s Director of Public Services, said that in the coming months, water bills will include a flyer promoting the Water Residential Assistance Program (WRAP). Developed by the Great Lakes Water Authority, which provides water and sewer services for communities in Oakland and other southeast Michigan counties, WRAP provides up to $1,000 a year to families that meet income eligibility requirements.

“Wholesale customer communities like Farmington Hills can opt in to the program,” Mondora said, adding there is a household income eligibility of 150 percent of the poverty threshold. “For a family of four members, for instance, the guideline is $36,450.”

WRAP is managed by Community Action Alliance, with more than 20 cities currently participating. According to its website, the program works through an “Empowerment Pathway Model,” which includes not only bill assistance, but help with water conservation measures, water-saving home repairs, and access to other resources. Those who qualify receive a $25 per month bill credit, along with help on past due bills and suspension of shut-off notices.

To learn more, call 313-386-WRAP (9727), or visit