Student leaders get checks to ‘do something good’

A group of student leaders honored last year by the Farmington/Farmington Hills Breakfast Optimist Club put the cash awards they received to good use.

The club annually recognizes juniors at Farmington Central High School, Farmington High School, Harrison High School, Mercy High School, and North Farmington High School, who have demonstrated leadership skills and human relation development through working in school-sponsored programs. Honorees receive a check to “do something good” in their respective school communities, then report back at the Club’s Leadership Breakfast.

This year’s Leadership Award winners are:

  • Alanna Roberts, Farmington Central High School
  • Hanna Nelson, Farmington High School
  • Riya Shah, Harrison High School
  • Lilian Lebednick, Mercy High School
  • Alec Cohen, North Farmington High School

Last year’s winners – Taylor Campbell, Farmington Central High School; Katherine Bahling, Farmington High School; Amber Stephens, Harrison High School; Katie Birecki, Mercy High School; and Katie Dimmer, North Farmington High School – helped a family in need with holiday shopping, donated to a charity, and provided a field trip opportunity for those with special needs, among other good deeds.