Farmington Hills officials approve ‘resort’ liquor license

Owners of an Indian restaurant located in Farmington Hills received approval Monday for a liquor license application that represents a kind of last resort.

India Flavors, located at 29205 Orchard Lake Rd., is currently undergoing renovations and expected to open later this month, serving lunch and dinner.

Patrick Howell, attorney for Indian Restaurant Group, Inc., said because the city has its quota of liquor licenses, and very few are available through the county, company owner Harshavardan Krishna, M.D. is applying for a “resort” license through the State of Michigan. The license was created to accommodate the “increasing and decreasing populations in resort towns,” Howell said.

If the state grants the license, he added, it will not impact the city’s quota, and if the restaurant goes out of business, the license goes with it.

Krishna said he acquired the restaurant last July and is investing $420,000 in renovations that include new woodwork, ceilings, flooring, and expanded seating. He promised officials the final result will be “beautiful”.

“It’s going to be the number one restaurant in the city,” he said.

In addition to unanimously approving the liquor license application, officials also approved dance-entertainment, catering, and Sunday liquor sales permits.