Your Voice: Privatization in the schools

It was with much dismay that I read the article in your April 21st edition of the Voice. The article was on the privatization of transportation, custodial and service personnel.

My children are grown and this decision does not impact me on a daily basis. However I taught Headstart for 35 years, here, in Farmington. Our students came to and from school on the Farmington Public School buses. The bus drivers we were fortunate to have over the years were beyond fabulous. Those drivers were the first contact those little ones had each day when they boarded the bus for class. They made it their business to do everything possible to reassure their charges and develop a relationship with each one.

The same goes for the custodial staff. They gave the little ones a friendly, familiar face each day. That went a long way toward making the transition from home to school easier.

I realize that I worked with 3- and 4-year olds, but elementary school children would benefit from the same. I fear we are asking our staff to accept more and more concessions when they have given so much. We will be losing that “hometown’’ feel that made Farmington Public Schools special.

Loretta Zahn
Farmington Hills