Contractors raise $6500 for Farmington Hills charity

The AGC of Michigan, a chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America, raised $6,500 last month for Farmington Hills-based nonprofit Sweet Dreamzzz, Inc.

Taylor students learn about good sleep hygiene and habits during a Sweet Dreamzzz program.
The March fundraiser supports Sweet Dreamzzz sleep education classes, like this one held last year in Taylor.

This marked the 14th year for this event, hosted by the AGC’s Construction Leadership Council at John Cowley & Sons in Farmington.

Danielle Eschner, of the George W. Auch Company, a construction management and contracting firm, and a member of the Construction Leadership Council, believes in the mission of Sweet Dreamzzz.

“The AGC Construction Leadership Council is committed to helping Sweet Dreamzzz deliver to thousands of children the things we all take for granted before we go to sleep each evening like a toothbrush, toothpaste and a blanket. Sweet Dreamzzz has improved the lives of so many children and it’s an effort we applaud and will continue to support,” said Eschner.

Key personnel responsible for the continued success of this event are AGC President and CEO, Damian Hill and Eschner. The event sponsors were: Guy Hurley, Local 1076 Laborers and Employers Cooperation & Education Trust, Michigan Laborers and Employers Cooperation & Education Trust, William Blair Company and Zenith American.

“Sweet Dreamzzz is incredibly grateful to the AGC of Michigan and the Construction Leadership Council for their continued support. Their financial support and annual planning of this event exemplifies their generosity and how much they value giving back to the community,” said Executive Director Nancy Maxwell.

Funds raised from this event will go towards future sleep education programs. Students in the program receive a brand new sleeping bag or Sweet Dreamzzz blanket, a Sweet Dreamzzz t-shirt, toothbrush, toothpaste, teddy bear, and bedtime charts with stickers.

Founded in 1998, Sweet Dreamzzz™, Inc. is a nonprofit organization committed to improving children’s health, well-being and academic performance by providing sleep education and bedtime essentials to economically disadvantaged students and their families. To learn how you can help by volunteering or organizing collections, or to get a sleep program at your school, call 248-478-3242 or visit