Farmington students win Reflections awards

Farmington Public Schools students recently achieved recognition in the Michigan PTA Reflections competition and will be recognized during the District’s April 14 Reflections celebration.

The nationwide annual arts competition provides an opportunity for students in preschool through grade 12 to explore their artistic talents and receive positive recognition for their efforts. First place entries from each category and age division (except visual arts) will move on to the National PTA Reflections Competition, with results announced on May 1. Only one entry for all grade levels is allowed for the category of visual arts, so the first place winner with the top score was sent on to the national competition.

The following students will be recognized on April 14:

  • Film Production – Middle – 3rd place, Rayyan Admed Siddiqui
  • Film Production – Primary – 1st place, Alex Bishop; 4th place, Dayton Kress
  • Literature – Intermediate – 1st place, Natalya Weiss
  • Literature – Special Artist – 1st place, Brendon Ball
  • Music Composition – High School – 2nd place, Sophia Jozwiak
  • Music Composition – Middle School – 2nd place, Megan Cromwell
  • Photography – Intermediate – 1st place, Jonathan Manela
  • Photography – Special Artist – 2nd place, Jalen Crawford; 4th place, Carter Tonnies
  • Visual Arts 3D – Intermediate – 2nd place, Sai Ashvik Velagala; 4th place Marina Chodorkoff
  • Visual Arts 2D – Middle School – 1st place, Juliana Rabban
  • Visual Arts 3D – Primary – 1st place, Kathleen (Clare) Hafner; 4th place, Yuki Tobo
  • Visual Arts – Special Artist 2D – 4th place, Brendon Ball
  • Visual Arts – Special Artist 3D – 1st place Carter Tonnies; 2nd place, Nathaniel D’Angelo; 3rd place, Jalen Crawford
  • Dance Choreography – Intermediate – 1st place, Nina Kobayashi; 2nd place, Carissa Hankins
  • Dance Choreography – Middle School – 4th place, Elizabeth Hoy