Harrison High DECA students excel at conference

Harrison High School DECA students took home 76 medals from this year’s DECA District Conference, and 36 of the 43 participants will move on to the State Conference.

District Conferences give students the opportunity to compete in individual or team events by putting their marketing and business knowledge to the test. Top performers then move on the Michigan DECA State Career Development Conference. The State Conference will be held in Detroit this year, March 11-13, 2016.

The students take an online test before the conference, and then compete in impromptu role-play situations in their chosen marketing career area.

The following students received the coveted red, white and blue ribbon allowing them to compete at the state conference:

Writing a paper and presenting their promotion plan to judges with visuals

Julia Borri & Josie Miller – Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan; Nick Cassar & Carl Hanpeter – Sports and Entertainment Promotion Plan; Holly Tiapala & Emma Vrooman – Sports and Entertainment Promotion Plan; Jade Steel & Alanna Hunter – Sports and Entertainment Promotion Plan

Team Decision Making Role Play Events & 100 question test

Selena Dalley & Lindita Dauti – Buying and Merchandising; Kayla Elam & Keisha Sanchez – Advertising Campaign; Anthony Giovanni & Andrew Nathan – Sports and Entertainment Management; Jacob Rubenstein & Landon Tucker – Business Law and Ethics; Madison Ruffin & Justin Woodcock – Business Law and Ethics; Natalie Spence & Max Stein – Marketing Communications

Individual Decision Making Role Play Events & 100 question test

Andre Brown – Sports and Entertainment Management; Sheryl Carter – Hotel and Lodging Management; Filip Jevtic – Principles of Business Management; Yashasvini Nannapuraju – Principles of Business Management; Jacob Vargo – Principles of Business Management; Vijay Sriram – Principles of Business Management; Tiaha Johnson – Hotel and Lodging Management; Jahnavi Nalamolu – Hotel and Lodging Management; Veronica Marquez-Brown – Principles of Marketing; Miriako Wameed – Principles of Hospitality and Tourism; Tori Williams – Principles of Hospitality and Tourism; Swati Punyamurtula – Business Service Management; Nathan Reynolds – Restaurant and Food Service Management; Noah Weingarden – Human Resources Management; Mihir Zaveri – Principles of Finance; Colin Stang – Principles of Finance

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